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I am a commercially-minded, electro-optical systems developer, specializing in stereoscopic and auto stereoscopic display technologies (volumetric, quasi-holographic, VR/AR, etc.). I currently work at Draper.

In 1997, I founded a widely publicized company in the sector of electronic 3-D display: Actuality Systems - see retrospective here. We pioneered: high-detail volumetric displays (Perspecta), a breakthrough 198-view autostereo system, a 20 megapixel 2-D display, and the application of hologram-like imagery to cancer treatment planning and oil & gas.

12 years, 20 patents, and $15M financing later, we sold the company to the optical consulting firm OPTICS FOR HIRE, where I was Principal.  We sold most of the Actuality / OFH patents again in 2012.

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NEW STUFF (September 2016)

  1. 1.Joined Draper (Cambridge, MA).

  2. 2.Returned to the world of medical devices: joined VisionScope Technologies - endoscopy

  3. 3.Quoted in Boston Globe

  4. 4.Elevated to SPIE Senior Member

  5. 5.Cover Story: Autostereo 3-D in Photonics Spectra magazine

  6. 6.Co-chair of the Premier Conference on 3-D Innovation: SD&A (SPIE / IS&T)

  7. 7.What's hot in 3-D (IEEE Trans. Broad.)

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